So I’m an ersatz musician. I sing, play a little guitar, am surrounded by music, and am fortunate to play with a great group of talented and nice people. Talented and nice don’t always go hand-in-hand, so I’m a lucky girl indeed. It’s a great little pursuit, something that brings a good vibe to my life and gives my four-year-old a view into a culture most kids don’t get to see. I told my husband Saturday that ours was probably the only kid in his school whose parents dragged him out that night so his mom could compete in a folk competition.

Anyway, one of my few talents is a brain that retains song lyrics. Like, seriously. If I freed up that space and used it to retain something useful, I’m frightened to think what I could do. So with all the songs I know and all the tunes I could be singing…

THIS is what has been stuck in my head since Sunday. God help me.

The Wiggles have bought me a lot of free time over the years, so I can’t really hold a grudge. But come on. Why can’t I have some Blind Faith stuck in my brain?