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Hehehe. If that’s not melodrama, I don’t know what is.

Today is perfect chili weather. It’s in the low 60s, windy, and rainy from an incoming nor’easter. So chili it is. For reasons I’ll discuss in another post, I don’t use easy, incredibly convenient packets of chili seasoning. My husband can’t dig it. So I just throw a bunch of stuff in a pot, add spices and an insane amount of chili powder, and it turns out magically delicious.

I had exactly one tablespoon of chili powder, and anyone knows that’s not enough for a decent pot of chili. I had errands to run, including a trip to Dollar Tree, so I figured I would pick up some there. Any store has chili powder. I even asked. No chili powder. I just can’t pay $5 for the grocery store stuff, so I figured that of course, in the back of my spice cabinet, I would have a spare jar. I always do. And I did. And it was empty.

I don’t know why in the hell I would return an empty jar of chili powder to the cabinet, but there you have it. I think I may be slightly moronic. Regardless, I’m making it work. There is a bitching pot of chili simmering on the stove. But dinner might be interesting….


I’m back! My husband (the one who hates both chili and taco seasoning, thus guaranteeing that making either of these ostensibly easy dishes is generally a pain in the ass) declared it my best pot of chili in the entire 16 years he has known me. I should make it this way every time. Um. That’s the downside of just throwing a bunch of crap in a pot. 😉

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