You know, I’m thinking of adding a new category for blog posts. That category would be “disturbing shit I could go the rest of my life without seeing.”

Because if I add that category, then I can properly assign it to this.

Yeah. Stop rubbing your eyes. It’s exactly what you think it is. And you can see it in all its (forgive the pun) corny glory–because honestly, aside from being completely unqualified for the office of vice president, Sarah Palin is the very definition of corny, and not in a good way–by going here:

 I have never understood the appeal of the corn maze. Is walking through a bunch of moldering corn stalks supposed to make me feel hearty, as though I’m a pioneer lost in a field that will surely claim me if I don’t make it out by dark? Is there some thrill of terror, that maybe a chainsaw-wielding maniac (though why you would need a chainsaw in a field of corn is beyond me) will spring forth and chase me farther and farther into the maze until I drop of exhaustion and can be properly dismembered? Besides, there are always a bunch of spare cobs lying around that are just super for stepping on and spraining your ankle. Add this little bit of artwork to the mix and it’s some downright disturbing shit.

Anyway, I challenge all you Ohioans to boycott the Palin corn maze. It’s nothing but a vast right-wing conspiracy. 😉