I realize that several posts lately have dealt with foods. This should come as no surprise, given the lamentable size of my ass. But it’s not really the point I want to make with this blog. However, we do have to eat, and I have stumbled across a few new things, made a few new treats, and found myself ruminating over old favorites. So rest assured that I’m not going to focus on food. It’s just what’s on my mind at times. Regardless…

Yesterday my sister-in-law called to say she and her husband were crabbing and to ask if we wanted to come over for dinner. Holy hell, of course we did.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a visual aid. This is the blue crab. It’s found all around the Chesapeake Bay region, although in increasingly smaller numbers because stupid people won’t stop their polluting ways…but that’s best left for another discussion. They’re kind of pretty, in a weird way.






 I, however, like them better when they look like this, though you can skip the lemon slices. They’re a little snobby.

 Holy jeez. If you have never sat down with a mess of these babies, a beer, a mallet in your hand, and a song in your heart, get thee to the East Coast, post haste! They’re one of my favorite things on earth. Once you get past cracking them open and cutting off the face, delicious eats await you.

Anyway, we brought home the leftovers, I had some for a very late breakfast, and we all tucked into the remainder for dinner. While I am not at all anxious for my boy to grow up, I *am* awaiting the day when he can pick his own damn crabs instead of talking incessantly about how we’re not picking fast enough for him. He will tell you that he enjoys the mustard (if the idea of eating these things skeeves you out, I will spare you the details) and how Uncle Billy enjoys eating the guts. He also demands that you not only pick more meat for him than for yourself, but that you dip said meat in melted butter. The kid’s four and has no concept of cholesterol…what’s a mother to do? The point is that I’m feeling fat and sassy, and kind of salty as well. What a great treat, especially the two nights of not having to cook anything other than…

Ding, ding, ding! The food I’m slightly ashamed to admit I love. My kid adores hot dogs. Seriously…what four-year-old doesn’t? So I indulge this love a bit, but buy turkey dogs so he doesn’t have a coronary by the time he’s eight. Anyway, it occurred to me to wrap the dogs not in crescent roll dough, but in big Grands biscuits, slightly flattened and smeared with mustard. They’re actually really good…good enough to override my urge to bow my head and admit that they’re slightly trashy. 😛

This weekend also marked a first in a long time: one weekend of not going out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. We tend to get lazy on the weekends, but I’m making a concerted effort to conserve money. We did each order a slice of pizza (and holy cow, three slices were nearly $12!), but that doesn’t really count since we didn’t actually go somewhere and sit down, right? Right.

And, finally…raise your hand if you watched the VP debate on Thursday night. I actually spoke to people this weekend who found Sarah Palin’s “folksy” persona appealing. Really? Honestly? My point remains that I don’t want someone “like me” (though trust me, this woman is NOTHING like me) second in command. I want someone better than me: better educated, better skilled, better diplomat, better in every way. A degree earned over six years at five different colleges does not a great VP make. Please.

This articulates my feelings better than I can: http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com/2008/10/03/bitch-there-i-said-it/

And finally, I submit this. I found it funny…but incredibly scary…but still funny.