In the season of giving and peace and joy, I’m contemplating my blessings. And they are many indeed.

1. We are healthy and we love each other.

2. I found out this evening that my contract is being renewed for next year. Budget cuts had me worried. So I get at least another year of working at home, for an absolutely lovely organization and group of people. ***ETA: I *think* my contract is being renewed. That’s the news I’m getting, but I’m anxious to sign it and be sure.***

3. Despite the tanking economy, my husband could move in a cot and live at work if he wanted to. He’s been working scads of overtime, and amazingly enough, the luxury guitar market is still doing well. Who knew?

4. He got a Christmas bonus.

5. He also got a pretty sizeable pre-paid Visa card for ten years at his job. And he gave it to me with the directive that I buy something I want. I have never had that amount of money to spend on myself, and frankly I have no idea what to do with it. That’s not a bad position to be in.

6. Despite our crappy neighbors, we own a small portion of our own house. That’s not so bad, either.

7. We have enough of what we need.

8. We have the most wonderful and delightful boy anyone could ever want. Last night he told me that I could never love him as much as he loves me. Think again, kid.

See? I can do more than bitch and snark. 😉