I really do love Christmas, but it seems as though each year only one of the three of us avoids getting sick. This year, it seems to be Sean, though I fear even he is starting with the rattly chest. Just as I was about the call the doctor about the sinus infection that developed from my last cold–and didn’t, because I have gained ten pounds since I was last there, and I didn’t want to deal with the guilt–I miraculously was on the verge of recovery. And then…then, then, then…my boy infected me with a vicious and mighty cold. He has had it, too, the kind where he coughs hard enough to throw up. Oh, the rapture.

Anyway, we went to visit my parents and sister for the weekend, and the boy spiked a huge and hideous fever last night that had everyone worried. Luckily, I ran out for the magic formula–ibuprofen AND Tylenol–and knocked it out. No idea what that’s all about, but he seems to be faring well and even rode home in his new WALL-E pj’s, courtesy of Grandma.

We made out pretty well this year. Sean and I got a Lowe’s gift card (always, ALWAYS appreciated), some money toward a new TV, some clothing, some iTunes cards, and I finally got a grill pan, along with a smashing new bag and wallet, and assorted other goodies. Yay! The boy, of course, scored a righteous haul. He got a Wii, which he had never heard of until I found one at Circuit City and then played it up until he was convinced it was the best gift ever. He got Tinker Toys, games, some movies, some Wii stuff, art supplies, action figures, a kit to make little oozy Martians, a giant pop-up Star Wars tent, and more, more, more. The benefit of having just one kid is that you can spoil him rotten. Of course, the downside is that you spoil him rotten. But he’s such a lovely boy. And he lost one of his top front teeth on Boxing Day. So the grand total of teeth lost is four…at the tender age of five. Amazing.

Anyway, I’m off to try some Nyquil and hope it makes me forget that I haven’t been able to breathe out of the left side of my nose for the past three days. I knew I’d be raising a petri dish, but this is kind of ridiculous.