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Not with my husband. He’s pissing me the hell off, but that’s neither here nor there.

I’m in love with this.


For just a moment, allow me to indulge.

When you have a five-year-old boy, you enter the phase of toys having millions and millions of pieces. Those pieces need to be contained. And if you have nowhere to store these millions of pieces, they all wind up in the bottom of a plastic bin somewhere…or on the bottom of your foot in the middle of the night. Neither of those things make me happy. And when you have gazillions of Playmobil pirates (each with removable beard, hat, hair, and weapon), super heroes, animals, action figures, and Star Wars paraphernalia, some sort of organization is necessary to save your sanity.

Enter the beautiful nine-cubby organizer above. I bought one yesterday (in faux cherry, and on sale!), along with four fabric bins. I put it together in half an hour. And 15 minutes later, I had replaced the contents of five plastic bins and an ugly little chest of drawers. There’s space to store stuff! My living room is mine again, or will be one the Christmas tree is gone next week. I’ll buy more bins on my next trip to Target. And my boy swears that he will start putting his toys away, now that he knows where to put them.

Buying this thing also made me go through his room and collect two trash bags full of broken toys and crap, as well as cull a bunch of outgrown toys for giveaways and the attic. It’s not a big deal, but small achievements are achievements nonetheless. Woot.

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