Can anyone else recite Dr. Seuss’s ABC from memory? I suppose it’s one of my lesser-appreciated talents. I have been able to, most of it, anyway, since I was a kid. And of course, having a kid of my own just cements it there in place. Anyway, that’s what I think of when I see the letter C.

But it struck me the other day that I have been seeing Cs all over the place lately. EVERYWHERE I look, absolutely everywhere, seemingly every woman is carrying a Coach bag.  In the elementary room art room where I pick up my boy. In grocery carts. In any Wal-Mart-type store. In freaking Dollar General. Every woman has one of these things. I mean, every single one, from the J. Crew moms at Target to the Gap crowd at the elementary school to the big-haired, loud, rude, chain-smoking, acid wash jeans-wearing people (not to generalize, lol) I see other places. Am I in the wrong line of work that I can’t really afford a $300 purse? It’s not that I’m jealous. But I *am* rather curious.

Am I in the minority? It’s not that I wouldn’t want a nice Coach bag. I do know they are high quality and last forever. But in addition to the nice classic bags, I’m seeing a lot of trendy ones…you know, the brightly colored ones that people don’t really like, but buy so other people can see they can afford a Coach bag. It’s just unreal to me. Anyway…if you know places where these things are falling off trucks, let me know. Then I will go and C. 😛