If you have ever seen my boy, you know that he is breathtaking. And if you haven’t seen him, let me assure you that he is. This isn’t just a mother talking. Total strangers have stopped me on the street to tell me that this child is beautiful. Of course, I know that’s not the most important thing. Even better is that he is kind and loving and is polite to everyone but me. But on the days I feel most troglodytic, it boosts my mentality a good bit to know that *I* created *him*. I acknowledge that Sean took part in the process, but we all know that I was mostly responsible.

So it came as no surprise when I dropped him off at school yesterday and was met by a chorus of other moms, one of whom told me that she hears an awful lot about Nicholas.

“Apparently Nicholas is quite the hottie” was how she put it.

Okay, actually, that comes as a huge surprise, as one doesn’t expect a five-year-old to use the word “hottie.” But the point remains.

Another mom said that she hears a lot about Nicholas, too, that he’s the cutest boy in the class and that everyone loves him.

I know there are far worse things than being the mother of a beautiful boy. But I shudder to think what the future will bring. I wager that the phone will start ringing in second grade, and won’t stop until I’m dead.

It begins…