So, I have been in a rolling tide of illness since November. I finally went to the doctor today to learn that my suspicions were correct. Only instead of having a sinus infection, I have acute sinusitis, which basically means sinus infection that should have been treated ages ago, if only I had swallowed my pride and dragged my ten-pounds-heavier ass in to the doctor’s office.

Anyway, with no further ado, I bring you…the antibiotic I have to take for the next 14 days.


 Not impressed? Here’s a point of comparison.







 If modern science can perform life-saving surgery on tiny babies, in utero, many of whom are probably not much larger than that pill, then why am I destined to choke down *that* twice a day for two weeks? I’m all for getting stem cell research rolling and helping to save people’s lives, but after that, smaller pills should be the first order of business. Word.