So, the husband and I embarked upon an actual, real diet a month ago (South Beach, for anyone who actually cares). We have had so very many conversations that started with “You know, we really need to…” and ended with “Yeah, we’ll have to do something about it.” But we never actually put those words into action. As you may or may not know, we are a thinking people, a talking people…but not so much a doing people.

Anyway, four weeks later, I have no idea how much he has lost, but I am down 19 pounds. Nineteen. Wow. Suddenly, the 50 pounds I want to lose doesn’t seem so far away. More importantly, we have really changed our eating habits. We’re not eating crap. We’ve learned it’s okay to have pizza, but only if you temper it with healthy food during the rest of the day. And once the weather gets nice and we can get some exercise (or if I can ever find a Wii Fit in stock anywhere), I expect to keep up a nice steady pace.

The thing that’s motivating me the most, though, is that I can actually see progress. And it’s a glorious thing. Cue the visual aids!

Me (and my glorious boy) at the end of January:


And now:


I don’t know why I waited so long to do this. But I’m motivated and hopeful, and that is rare indeed. Hooray!